Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hair challenge, deals, random ramblings

1. Did the Summer Hair Challenge today. I used Jason Natural Super Shine shampoo and conditioner. However, my hair threw a temper trantrum and frizzed like crazy without blowdrying. I lasted 2 hrs before I reached for my flat iron and Chi Silk Infusion to smooth out my hair. So big fail on my part for trying to let my hair be its natural self. I know it'll take time for my hair to adjust... but maybe I'll do that once school starts and I don't have time to play with my hair.

2. In relation to that, the library has the book No More Dirty Looks by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt, on hold for me now. Woot woot. I know it's going to drive my paranoia level up by a billion but the curiousity is killing me.

3. Found out my BH Cosmetics palette is made in China. However, realized my other palettes (The Bay & Sephora) are also made in China. I discovered that the FDA doesn't pre-approve cosmetic labelling nor are cosmetics allowed to label their products as FDA Approved (FDA cosmetics). On that note, I used my BH Cosmetic palette today. The colours are vibrant. I'm pleased.

4. I broke the seal of not spending money and bought new jeans. I desperately needed new casual pants. Well I had dress pants but my fitted yoga pants are showing wear and tear and the 2 pairs of jeans I own are WAY too small for me. Bought jeans at Bluenotes where they were buy one get one 50% off (Bluenotes).

5. Snagged myself an 8GB flash drive for $24 from The Source. Sweet deal.

6. Just in time for my liquid liner to run out, my local Zellers is selling L'oreal eyes and face products for 20% off. I'm also thinking of getting L'oreal powder.

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