Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The other day, I was on and came across this picture of Megan Fox. I think her eyebrows look absolutely fantastic. I'm obsessed with my eyebrows. Just ask my boyfriend who I constantly ask "Do my eyebrows look crooked today?". I think eyebrows really complement the face and make a huge difference. When I was a kid, I had super thick eyebrows. At some point in high school, my cousin took me to a salon to get my eyebrows threaded. The whole process of threading to me is amazing (youtube it if you've never seen it). I love the clean cut look that it gives. And it costs like $5-$7 depending on the salon. Although one time, I got a different beautician who went a little too thread and scissor happy on my eyebrows and made them crooked :( But by that time, I had figured out how to maintain my eyebrows and I've been doing that since. I really do recommend getting it professionally done if you don't normally pluck your eyebrows. That way, it's easy to maintain by following the shape. If that makes sense. My friend also introduced me to the beauty of using makeup to help shape my eyebrows. Kandeejohnson on youtube does a great video on how to define eyebrows in the same way I do mine.

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  1. I've never done mine before (how embarrassing)... I really wanna get them done somehow this summer... >_<